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Gainsborough Consulting

Gainsborough Consulting Limited is an independent property and regeneration consultancy which advises developers and landowners as well as public and charity sector organisations.


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The Garrison

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September networking supper

Join us for a night of delicious food and drinks at the Garrison in Bermondsey. Noted as the best gastro pub in SE1 (if not all of London), the evening promises both delightful company and great networking as well.



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We are VelvetM

VelvetM is an exclusive group of London professionals, meeting once a month for drinks, dinner and conversation to provide a forum for business and social networking in a relaxed environment. What makes us so special is our commitment to a charitable cause. Every month we donate the net proceeds from the event to our chosen charity, the Albert Kennedy Trust.
I can attribute at least £30K worth of business to VelvetM alone."

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Why volunteer for the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT)?

June 21st, 2014… BY James

I first found out about AKT via an information leaflet I’d picked up somewhere and initially just made a donation. Looking more closely at their work I decided mentoring might be the most suitable way I could volunteer my time. Whilst the whole point of me doing volunteer work remains to do something where the (hopeful) benefit will be to others and not me, I am still shamelessly proud to be associated with an organisation making such a difference to the lives of LGBT young people. Whenever I march at Manchester Pride with AKT, the organisation is always met with warmth and appreciation from everyone.

So why I did choose AKT?  I was lucky growing up and had a stable home life and never felt unloved or unwanted   ; in response I suppose I wanted to support those who had … Read More »


The MASH Steak Guide

April 10th, 2014… BY Mark

In May, VelvetM will be celebrating our 3rd Birthday at Soho’s greatest new steakhouse, MASH. The MASH menu features premium quality steaks from some of the world’s finest cattle. Whether you’re looking for dry-aged Danish beef, a fantastic piece of Wagyu, tender corn-fed American beef or specially selected Uruguay Hereford beef you’re sure to find something to tempt you at MASH. At MASH you decide which cut you want to have. Will it be sirloin, ribeye or N.Y. strip that takes your fancy? Perhaps a succulent Porterhouse to share? MASH understands that it’s difficult to choose which cut is best, so they’ve created  a guide to their favourite cattle and cuts to ease the decision making process!



MASH uses specially selected corn-fed Uruguay Hereford beef, renowned for its unique flavour and marbling of the meat. Originally from Herefordshire, UK the cattle can now … Read More »



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